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Pearl P.U Paint

The Bombay Painting Company is known for their quality services in all kinds of lamination and painting. We also offer the Pearl PU paint for homes and commercial spaces in Mumbai.

As the name suggests the pearl PU paint has a pearly eggshell finish. The paint is available in different range of colour shades. We provide good quality paint in outstanding colour with gloss preservation. Pearl PU paint is also endowed with great clarity in colour.

The paint film has toughness as well as a lot of flexibility and works great even in uneven or cracked surfaces. We give attention to problematic areas and make sure the area is covered properly with the paint. The pearl PU paint not only provides style but also last long. It is spill proof and hence you don’t need to worry about water, oil or grease. This paint also has great scratch resistance as well as stain resistance. The paint is easy to maintain and can be easy to clean. You can select this paint for any kind of areas. The paint can be used on wood, metal surface or plastered wall. It is ideals for areas where there can be chemical and water spill.

The paint is also great for UV light and does not discolour with time but its gloss remains. Our professional will clean the surface and apply the paint using spray or brush or roller. The paint dries quickly in an hour or so and the workers then recoat them for that extra shine. We apply around two to three coatings for a beautiful finish. We can use either oil based or water based paints. The paint provides great coverage. We make sure the customers are satisfied with our work and do so we offer quality products, trained staff and maintenance solution.
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