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Metallic P.U Paint

The Bombay Painting Company of Mumbai provides various services in painting and lamination for your home and offices.

You can choose from various options available in paints and lamination. If you are interested in P.U paints, we can have your space painted with them. Bombay Painting Company offers a range of colour finishes for wood or metal surfaces. This also includes the brilliant and effervescent Metallic P.U paint.

The paint is excellent for interiors as well as exterior walls. The reason behind this is the toughness and resistance to heat and water. The paint is also very easy to maintain. The paint has the feature of being stain and scratch resistance which makes the surface where it is applied easily to clean. For further durability, we also provide maintenance solutions as well for all kinds of painting and lamination. The Metallic P.U Paint can be in two finishes; shiny glossy finish and semi-gloss finish. We have a professionally trained team to provide quality services. We offer the Metallic P.U Paint that can be stained into new shades of attractive colour. We offer both water based and oil based paints. We use roller or brush or any kind of spray like airless spray or any conventional spray to apply the paint. The coverage of this paint varies with surfaces but the normal coverage lies around 40 to 45 sq. ft per litre.

As the paint dries quickly in an hour, it can be recoated in 3 or 4 hours. For the glossy finish, the paint can be recoated in 2 or 3 times. We can get the paint in different packs like 1 litre, 2.5 litres etc. Our services are aimed at providing full satisfaction to our customers. Hence we are insured and have professionals to complete your job in time efficiently. You can contact us anytime for free estimation of the work.
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