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Imported Water Base Polish

Paints and polishes can be of two kinds, firstly solvent-based or oil-based and secondly water-based.

Solvent-based paints and polishes require hardeners but water based ones do not require any hardeners. The water-based polishes and paints do not contain a high level of organic solvents. Bombay Painting Company offers quality water based polish of imported varieties for your homes and offices in Mumbai.

The imported water based polish needs water to dissolve and hence it is cost effective. Use of only water can also prevent the wastage of polish. We suggest this polish to families with kids and pets as there is no harmful smell after application. The polish is also very safe as it does not have any harmful solvents or VOC. You can call us anytime for a free estimation of polishing work. If you are looking for a shiny and charming look for your space then this imported water based polish can be selected. We offer a range of shades of colour for this water base polish.

The imported polish is resistant to all kinds of spillage like boiling water, oils and grease. It is durable and has a good impact resistance as well. The polish is great for any kind of surface because of it strong protective finish. It has a great film and flexibility which makes the water based polish crack resistant. The coverage of this polish is also quite good. We offer imported water based polish both for external as well as internal use. You can call us for exterior polishing of gates, doors etc. The workers that we send are trained to deal with any kind of paints and polish. They finish their quality work in time. The application of this polish is easy with the just addition of water before applying. Our painters use sprays, rollers or brushes to apply the polish.
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