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Imported P.U Polish

Lamination or melamine can be some options for your wooden surfaces. But you can also opt for P.U polish as well for your quality wooden bodies.

Bombay Painting Company offers all kinds of wood finishes including Imported P.U polish. We offer imported P.U polish for your houses and commercial spaces in Mumbai. The beauty of all quality wooden doors, windows, furniture or floors can be enhanced using this P.U polish.

The polish can protect the wooden surfaces from moisture and UV rays, giving them a long life. You can choose between natural look of melamine finish and glossier look of Imported P.U Polish. We have trained professionals to offer all kinds of services in wood polish according to your requirements. Imported P.U polish has a great feature of being abrasion and water resistance. It is ideal for areas where salt water, boiling water as well as oil and grease are mainly found. We offer P.U polish for both interiors as well as exteriors. The polish is suitable for exteriors as it is a good UV absorber. It is long lasting with a unique colour retention feature.

The P.U polish provides hardness with the high build film and is also quite flexible. This makes it crack resistant with expansion and contraction of wood with a change in temperature. Both new, as well as old wooden surfaces, can be coated with this polish. We make sure the polish is uniformly covered especially the problem areas to level it. The Imported P.U Polish has excellent quick drying feature which enables the work to be completed in less time. The polish dries fast making it possible for recoating. Ideally, around two or three recoating of this polish can result in a smooth and glossy finish. We give priority to customers and hence use the best quality products for durability.
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