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Imported Melamine

Wooden surfaces must be protected from sunlight and moisture for a long lasting life. You can use P.U polish or lamination or melamine to cover the wooden surfaces of walls, furniture and floor.

Bombay Painting Company provides quality wood finishes in all the above ways. We offer imported melamine for a great finish for your personal and work spaces in Mumbai. There are two kinds of finish polishes available with melamine, melamine glossy finish and melamine matt finish polish.

This kind of polish can be a great option for your quality wooden furniture and accessories as it provides enough protection against moisture and heat along with elegant looks. Our trained workers can do the needed in time giving stress to the quality of work. To enhance the natural beauty of wood we suggest the melamine matt finish. It is also liked by customers a lot. The polish is durable with a unique scratch resistance feature. The imported melamine does not turn yellow and is also alcohol and oil resistance. Melamine is an ideal choice for areas which can be exposed to oil, salt water and boiling water as well. The polish has the flexibility to expand and contract with change in temperature and hence does not crack. It has hardness with a high build film and thereby stays as it is for a long period of time.

A two pack acid catalysed system is available with the imported melamine. The melamine has a quick drying formula and hence can be recoated easily in less time. For a high shine, recoating the surface twice or thrice is preferred. We offer the services for imported melamine both for interiors as well as exteriors. Whether the wooden body is brand new or is old with cracks, our team can work hard to provide the best results. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work.
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