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Colour P.U Paint

The Bombay Painting Company offers a range of services in painting your homes and commercial spaces in Mumbai.

. For the beautiful interiors and exterior, you can select the Colour P.U paint. The P.U paint comes in a range of different colour finishes designed for wood or metal surfaces. Bombay Painting Company provides all kinds of quality services in Colour P.U Paint. There is P.U paint exclusively for interiors as well as exteriors.

The paint is water and heat resistant and hence can be an ideal choice for exteriors. The paint is resistant to scratch and stain and easy to clean as well which makes it very easy to maintain. Still, we offer solutions in the maintenance of the paint too. This paint is excellent for all kinds of surfaces as they do not crack. The paint provides tough as well as flexible film and so works well even on curved surfaces. We offer professional painters for painting interiors and outer walls of your building.We offer many beautiful shades of this Colour P.U Paint. The paint is available in many bright and crisp colours. The P.U paint can be gloss or semi-gloss.

The gloss paint provides shine and semi-gloss gives less shine to the surface. The colour P.U paint provides great coverage as compared to other paints. Although the coverage may vary from surface to surface yet the normal coverage may be around 40 to 45 sq. ft per litre. We get the paint in different packs like 1 litre, 4 litres etc. Our workers can provide both spray paint or paint it using brush or roller. But the paint works well with sprays like airless spray or any conventional spray. The paint dries quickly and with two or three coatings a glossy finish can be achieved. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our services in the colour P.U paint.
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