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Colour Lamination

Bombay Painting Company of Mumbai is focused on providing all kinds of painting for your homes and commercial places.

We provide services in painting, lamination and also polishing. Among our various services, we also provide colour lamination. A lamination is a great option for a stylish home or office and it last long if maintained properly. The colour lamination is great against UV light and moisture.

We provide three kinds of lamination, high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish. The high gloss can be used for extra shine, semi-gloss for medium shine and matte finish can be applied for no-shine but great colour depth. The lamination is placed on the face of prints which can be mounted on paper or prints can be laminated on the sides. The prints can be designed and kept for some time before being laminated to avoid removal or bubbles. Colour lamination from Bombay Painting Company is based on customer’s requirements only. We have a variety of laminates of great quality for your space only. The laminates are of different designs, colour and forms to suit your interests.

Our customers can choose from standard designs to metallic or even textured ones. We provide our customers with a whole range of choices of colour laminates for different rooms and spaces. You want lamination for your kitchen, office or living room; we have quality products to choose from. Not only style but we also pay attention to durability. For us, customer satisfaction is important hence we try our best to provide the best-in-class services. We have a team of trained professionals who can provide you with your dream home or office. We also provide solutions for effective maintenance of the colour lamination that we provide. You can call us anytime and ask for a free estimation of the services for colour lamination in Mumbai.
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