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Ceiling Painting

We all believe that the greatest secret to love our own home is to see it will be painted from inside.

More than the dark dreary walls, it is the dingy ceiling which actually makes the room look dull. The most important thing that matters is how well paint your ceiling. We the Bombay Paints Decor will help you to the huge difference. We give a sophisticated, by giving an ultra-finish to the ceilings.

This helps to absorb more light as compared to the flattest wall paint hiding many imperfections on the ceiling. We take care that these colours are gorgeous, fast-drying and spatter-resistant leaving behind a bright colour overhead. We recommend transitional colours creating a harmonious colour flow throughout the room. We prefer the walls and ceilings should be painted in the same colour so that we are in on illusion of bigger and brighter space. We adopt various ways to paint the ceiling in creating a visual interest. We can give you a choice to paint each corner of the ceiling like a geometric design, or paint the ceiling in playful pattern which makes the room look elegant.

Polka dots or marble effect are options that we can create a living room and decorate the kid’s room with their favourite cartoon characters. You can decorate your ceiling in a contemporary style but this will look good only for the high ceiling. Bombay paints Decor believe that the work we do should be the best and so we hire accomplished professionals and the raw materials we use is very rich. This is because we have made a difference in the market in creating trust among the clients. We ourselves are conscious about the fact that if we use too many colours or busy pattern then the room will look closed. We prefer smooth colours on the ceiling creating a light and airy feeling. We assure you that your ceiling will have ultimately had a creative look.
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