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Antique Texture

It is an old proverb that 'Old is Gold'. Bombay Paints Decor is an expert in giving a modern and classy look to antique houses.

We look into two main aspects that are both painting and decoration. Antique finishes are done in the home, hotels and offices. Our renowned and trusted services have increased our reputation in decor services.

Now why is Antique finish required? It actually suppresses the old look of the house or wall and tries to give a modern look. We in Bombay Paints Decor have skilled professionals who are expertise in this job and as a result, your home will become a centre of attraction. Antique finishes are done by us in an apartment, ceiling or any kind of construction painting. We always see to it that the professionals hired meet out the expectations of the clients. We give importance to both heavy and light textured walls. We plan and decide with our experts who are the best guide to tell us how to choose correctly. They always take into account the size, shape and darkness of the room.

The interiors that you have will also be taken into consideration while the decision is being taken. It is a known fact that we never use cheap raw materials available in the market. The quality is our first preference. We never compromise on the quality of raw materials and also the work executed. You can blindly rely on us even if you wish to laminate and decorate your house or office. It is our prime duty to satisfy our clients and deliver our work accurately. We try our level best to fulfil the promises that we make to our clients. We guarantee you that you will experience grand looks for your home and thought it had become old, it now is as classy and sophisticated like the new houses or hotels. Please visit our decor and decide for the best option.
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